Foreign Students coming to Canada

While Canada has not been promoting itself as prominently as other countries have in regards to drawing foreign students to its post-Secondary institutions.  Between 2000 and 2003, enrolment of international students at the university level across Canada experienced double-digit annual growth rates. However, in recent years since 2005, it has not grown as fast as the average for all students.

Of note, enrolment of international students in vocational trade colleges also enjoyed strong double-digit annual growth up to 2003. However, enrolment of students at this level of study has been declining steadily since 2004 and continued into 2010. The provinces of Ontario and British Columbia take the lions share of foreign students.

This information may help foreign students looking at attending post-secondary education in another country, prospective students may be more likely to consider Canada knowing that they will not be alone and that many students are already here.

To get all the facts, go to the Government of Canada website.

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