Will B.C. teachers strike effect international students?

The ongoing teachers strike in British Columbia could make foreign students rethink their decision of choosing on choosing education in the province.  

About 1,300 international students enrolled in the board’s high school, elementary and continuing education programs last fall. They came from 30 different countries, nearly half from China. International students pay about $13,000 in tuition and contribute roughly $15-million in revenue to the Vancouver School Board each year, making these students very valuable to the local economy.  

Any setback, no matter how temporary, could seriously dent the long-term reputation of B.C. school in the eyes of foreign students.  This is especially true as more countries court international students.  This could effect university enrollment for foreign students in the province in the future, as many students that study in B.C will go on to enroll in university in the province. 

For a more indepth report, please visit http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/school-board-fears-teachers-strike-will-drive-foreign-students-away/article19718479/

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