Are You A Candidate?

We believe in our ability to help our clients to achieve the maximum amount of benefit that the Canadian education system has to offer. In order for this to be possible, we require a commitment from our clients to uphold some of the values and ethics representative of Rankora Consulting. We hope to recruit the finest minds in the international student community and remain dedicated to assisting the best candidates in attaining the highest marks. Each member of our talented staff is fully committed to alleviating the stresses and anxieties that dissuade many potential international students from applying to Canadian universities.

Students in Canada have a host of opportunities in the form of potential job openings and scholarships that can make a world of difference while studying in Canada. Here at Rankora, we work with our clients to seek out and grab all available oppourtunities, holistically counselling them on their options so that every student feels they have real prospects of succeeding.  Our highly personal, yet professional, dealings with our clients put us in the best position to solve even the most complex of student issues with complete confidentiality, sensitivity and competence.

At Rankora, we firmly believe in the value of communication in our relationships and we welcome any feedback or further inquiries you may have. If you are interested, please find below our candidate application form where you have the opportunity to contact us and lay the first foundations to your studies in Canada!  To get started, simply give us your legal name, your email address, a phone number you can be reached at, and a brief summary of your inquest in the ascribed boxes below.

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