Arrival Assistance

Studying in Canada requires a certain level of transition as it can be a vastly different educational and community system than one is use to. Our goal at Rankora Consulting, is to ensure that our clients are equipped with the tools and essential knowledge necessary for them to succeed to their greatest potential. Learning is a multi-faceted discipline and our approach to it ensures that we treat it as such. We firmly believe in the importance of social support while schooling abroad and provide successful applicants with a variety of services which address this need. We will personally meet and greet applicants at any station or terminal upon first arrival in Canada.

We can arrange transportation services to university campuses or residential areas to help students move in. The settlement period can be very difficult for international students on their own for the first time. Our goal at Rankora is to ensure the smoothest possbile transition into Canadian society. We supply our clients with culturally appropriate information to help ensure an easy settlement. We can provide clients with information on community events, local volunteer opportunities, religious sites and emergency services. Academic performance can often be affected by this transition and we work with our clients to combat potential pitfalls to their learning experience.

We provide clients with a host of informational material on the rigours of the Canadian educational system. Clients will have access to different study methods and techniques, past exams, and referrals to tutoring in specific subjects. Our holistic approach mandates a business-client relationship of the highest quality. Here is a short summary of some of our services:

  • Personal meet and greet upon first arrival in Canada at any train or bus station or airport terminal with pre-arranged transportation to assist in moving in.
  • Supplying culturally appropriate information on potential community, educational and social resources.
  • Assistance with integration into the Canadian education system if requested; clients can expect, exam practice booklets, informational study guides and referrals to tutors if necessary.

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