Processing Assistance

There are many different functions and events that can be used to inform decisions and increase options during the waiting period of your application. We can help advise clients on certified agents who are properly equipped to assist with travel visa and study permit applications.  At Rankora, we provide our clients with expert travel and tourism information such as rates for transportation and hotels, which enables our clients to get a first-hand experience of their universities before making their decision.

The application waiting period is usually littered with university events and seminars which can give crucial information that may not be found in brochures.  It also gives our clients the possibility of directly interacting with and asking university representatives specific questions.  Upon receiving responses from universities, we notify you of results and assist you with accepting offers of admission.

We always do our utmost to ensure a smooth application process but often there are irregularities and errors that can arise during this period. We vow to be loyal to our clients during these rare, yet tumultuous periods, and promise to do everything within our power to assist with the resolving of the issue to our clients satisfaction.

Our comprehensive processing assistance services look to ensure a pleasurable and hopefully successful application process so we strongly believe in quality customer service in our interactions with you, the client. Here is a short summary detailing some our available processing assistance services:

  • Visa and study permit assistance referrals
  • Travel information
  • Inform of upcoming university fairs, informational seminars and campus tours
  • Follow up on irregularities or errors that  may arise in the application process
  • Accept and confirm program and course enrolment.

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