Our mission at Rankora Consulting Inc., is to cater to whatever conceivable needs you may have when choosing to study in Canada. We have a wide variety of programs and services which we feel will address all of your concerns and inquiries.

Our philosophy as a higher learning education recruitment agency mandates a holistic approach to education and we strive to our utmost ability to reflect this in our work for you. Our three step procedure involves assisting our customers during the application process, informing and counselling our clients of their options and potential resources while the application is being reviewed.  Upon successful admission into a post-secondary institute we work with you to ensure a smooth academic and cultural transition for our clients with a combination of different informational and community support services. You can find below a more detailed outline of the various programs and services we offer.

To minimize errors in application and recruitment process for clients seeking access to education in Canada, we employ different tactics and strategies..

We at Rankora Consulting Inc., believe it is of paramount importance to engage in a smooth transition into the Canadian education system. We provide aid..

Personal meet and greet upon first arrival in Canada at any train or bus station or airport terminal with pre-arranged transportation to assist in moving.

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